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Join AUR and distinguished guests at a fundraising gala that can change the lives of young men and women

At The American University of Rome (AUR), philanthropy fuels our forward progress. We aim to increase scholarships, grow our campus, and provide programs that benefit our students and community. Initiatives made possible by AUR donors are touching the lives of individuals on campus and around the world.


During its 50th year, AUR is seeking to significantly grow externally funded scholarships in order to assist deserving students. Our priorities in this area are to expand the Rula Jebreal Scholarship Fund and inaugurate and grow the Richard Hodges Presidential Scholars Fund and the Italian Excellence Scholarship Fund.

We are delighted to be hosting this prestigious event in support of these initiatives, and we hope that you will be able to join us on this special occasion.



Gold: € 5000

  • 16 seats (2 tables) at the 50th Anniversary Gala

  • Company logo on the AUR website

  • Dedicated posts on AUR Facebook page, Instagram and LinkedIn

  • Inclusion of company pamphlets and publicity in Gala gift bags*

  • Recognition of your brand/company by event speakers and auctioneer

  • Access to the VIP terrace during the Gala dinner

  • Acknowledgement on press release and event program

  • Listing on Donor Honor Roll online and in AUR’s Wolftracks magazine

  • Gift bags for you and your guests and hardcover copies of AUR’s history, The Story So Far: 50 Years of The American University of Rome

Tax deductible in the U.S.A.: €3320


Silver: € 2500

  • 8 seats (1 table) at the 50th Anniversary Gala

  • Dedicated posts on AUR Facebook page

  • Recognition as Gala sponsor on AUR Instagram and LinkedIn

  • Recognition by event speakers and auctioneer during the Gala event

  • Access to the VIP terrace during the Gala dinner

  • Acknowledgement on press release

  • Gift bags for you and your guests and hardcover copies of AUR’s history, The Story So Far: 50 Years of The American University of Rome

Tax deductible in the U.S.A.:  €1660

One size doesn't fit all...

As an international and multidisciplinary university, we understand that there is not just one way of doing things. If 8 or 12 seats at the Gala are not the right fit for you, you can still support us and help to make a difference in the lives of young men and women by purchasing single seats for the Gala. 


Single seat at the 50th Anniversary Gala: € 150

  • Mention as a Friend of the Gala and Friend of AUR in the Winter issue of Wolftracks Magazine

  • Copy of AUR’s newly published history, The Story So Far: 50 Years of The American University of Rome

Tax deductible in the U.S.A:  €45


*All printed materials, publicity and gadgets shall be provided by the sponsor 7 working days prior to the event.

In celebration of our 50th Anniversary year, AUR has launched the Fund for the 50th, which will not only provide important financial support to AUR and its students, but will also solidify our efforts, raise visibility, and prepare us for the NEXT 50 years.

We are proud to host a number of initiatives that further our mission of increasing access to higher education to students from all over the world and from all walks of life. Below you can find out about the institutional scholarship schemes already in place at AUR, and those that are launching on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary. 

Rula Jebreal Scholarship Fund

This is an undergraduate need-based scholarship for students coming from conflict countries. This fund allows bright young minds to reclaim their dreams and pursue an education in AUR’s multi-cultural environment.


The fund is named for Rula Jebreal, award-winning journalist, author and foreign policy analyst who helped AUR establish the initiative  in 2015.

Richard Hodges Presidential Scholars Fund

In advance of President Hodges’ retirement in the summer of 2020, and in honor of his long-standing dedication to AUR, the Presidential Scholars Fund will support academically strong students with financial need. Since taking office in 2012, Dr. Hodges has worked tirelessly to promote AUR as a modern 21st Century liberal arts institution that offers students the opportunity to learn and grow as part of a vibrant international community, empowering them to realize their potential and achieve their dreams. This Fund will support tuition and housing, based on need, for the duration of the student’s academic career.

Italian Excellence Scholarship Fund

AUR has launched a scholarship fund that will support outstanding Italian students who wish to pursue an American education without having to leave Italy.

Proud to call Rome its home, AUR has, since its inception, been invested in the promotion of a multicultural approach to education, starting by drawing from the best of the Italian and American approaches to higher education.

The Italian Excellence Scholarship will support Italian citizens with a maturità score of 80 and above. It is a tuition scholarship awarded annually.

Emergency Relief Scholarship Fund

AUR understands that a student’s circumstances can change suddenly and drastically due to situations beyond their control. For this reason, AUR is creating a scholarship fund that will aid returning students who find themselves faced with unforeseen adversities that jeopardize the continuation and completion of their studies. Dedicated to our students’ success, we work towards granting our students the necessary tools to successfully overcome academic, professional and personal “roadblocks”.

The Fund will support tuition, based on need.

Rula Jebreal Scholarship Recipient

Kunene was 22 years old when she managed to escape from a forced marriage in her native Swaziland. After a long journey filled with incredible hardships, she arrived in Rome. She came to AUR searching for a chance to continue her studies. When we heard her story we decided to appeal to our community, alumni and friends to help this amazing young woman. Kunene’s strength is as big as her smile and AUR is proud to have her amongst its student body. A shy and quiet young woman upon her arrival at AUR, she is now confident and outgoing.

Rula Jebreal Scholarship Recipient

Bashir was only 12 years old when he was forced to flee his native Egypt due to religious persecution. He is now an engaged and successful member of the AUR community, actively participating in events and university initiatives. Bashir is greatly appreciated by his professors and peers for his positivity and dedication.


Michael D’Angelo Scholarship Recipient

Stephanie grew up in Norway and spent her summers with family just outside of Rome. After completing an IB diploma in Norway, she moved to Italy full time to study at AUR. Stephanie has a high proficiency in Italian and a stellar academic career (she has never received below an A-!). She is a talented artist whose portfolio and technique has blossomed while at AUR. In addition to being an artist, she would like to pursue a post-graduate career in art curation.


Rula Jebreal Scholarship Recipient

Firas Jabban is a Business Administration student, specializing in Finance. Born and raised in Syria, Jabban was forced to leave his hometown of Damascus as the war progressed, interrupting his studies in Economics at The University of Damascus, and moved to Beirut, Lebanon. While in Lebanon, he applied for a scholarship for Syrian students advertised by AUR and, due to his academic achievements and skills, he was accepted onto the program and moved to the Eternal City. He has continued to excel in his studies, earning himself a place on the Dean’s List and interviewing former U.S. Secretary John Kerry on stage at the annual Seeds&Chips conference in Milan. Studies aside, Jabban’s passions include traveling and discovering new places, indulging in Italian cuisine, and volunteering.